Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cinta Hatiku

"A best Friend is like a four leaf clover,Hard to find  and lucky to have"


Teman,Sahabat,Rakan adalah hadiah yang amat berharga buat aq .
They are my life,my soul,WITHOUT them i'm nothing,WITHOUT them i'm empty,WITHOUT them i'm nobody.This is my FOXIES,We started to noe each other in year 2005. 
We cry,We laugh,We sad and happy together.
I find its hard to describe,the thing that we share especially when there's nothing else could compare.I miss those memories,Those activities that we always buat sama2 and i noe that i cant compare those days with now as we are getting older and we must move on.
I just wanna let you guys noe that whateva happen to all of you,You are my bestie till my last breath.Thanks for the Friendship.
LOVE you 4eva guys.XOXO


1 comment:

  1. i love u too my fren...u make me a better person day by day.. =)