Saturday, August 21, 2010

PhotoMeLongShoot by Neo7 & Roy Terachi

Hye again ! I cant stop myself from clicking and updating!Am i too EXCITED ??(winking*)...I just received my old Photo from Neo which remind me back to my old skool hair.And all the memories keep flashing like a shooting star (bak kata Captain )...From innocent kids i become a normal gurl,then turn to boyish(bajet kool)short,long and short again...and most of my friends keep membebel why i cut my hair ?shud i blame the old lady who keep complaining bout me ?or its my own decision ?Well nothing to regret because i'm still Yoyo and nothing gonna change me evntho im in short hair*peace*(I think my english is getting worse since i stop myself frm using it)..Thanks to u Bro fir da Snap!u guys mmg BEST!ingat sampai kawen nanti ..heheheh

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